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Minority Health

As a minority (Native American, African-American, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc.) your physical and mental health problems are unique; minorities have a higher infection and death rate from Covid-19 than the majority of the population. Minorities have problems over and above the common difficulties for accessinghealth care (i.e., money, insurance, transportation, etc.)Their options for receiving appropriate health care are frequently affected by their language, cultural, religious, economic and social differences that create conflicts with the dominant culture.  Each minority group has a different predisposition to various diseases and disorders ( i.e., high blood pressure, diabetes, alcoholism, cancer, etc.).  It is also true that historical and social experiences with the dominant culture deserve special consideration for receiving appropriate health care.  Your status as a minority shape your perception of yourself, your health provider, and the quality of health care you receive.

VHS recognizes the obstacles to minorities receiving appropriate health care.  We have used technology to help level the playing field and provide you with the quality of health care you deserve.

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